Lots of Scary Bags this Halloween!

One does not normally think of bags at this time of year, unless of course it is Trick or Treat bags! But unfortunately some bin suppliers have made an art form of  promoting bins for which only certain bags will work.

Meanwhile on the other side there are Waste Service Providers who are telling their customers that they can only use “PAPER based bin liners” in their food caddies, which can only be bought at certain outlets. All seems a bit scary!!! It is not good enough for these suppliers that the customer pays for their products and service, but that they also want their customers to provide  a further ongoing revenue stream by the purchase of unique bespoke bags?  In most cases these bespoke bags are not mandatory or required.

This is most certainly not the case with Brustibin, which has been designed to eliminate bags for the collection of recyclables and where any 10 litre compostable bag can be used for both the brown waste and residual waste. Waste disposal can be costly enough without having to purchase bespoke liners and bags.

What would also be of concern is that the bags which some bin suppliers are promoting as being necessary for their bins are not enviromentally friendly. They do not decompose or compost and make life more difficult for the Waste Service Provider. And naturally as they are bespoke they are more expensive than  the generic bin liner, which can be bought are you local corner shop. The generic liner  may overhang slightly and not fit perfectly, but a bespoke bin deserves a bespoke liner?

It would seem that some Waste Service Providers have also got in on this act by telling their customers that they must use only Paper Liners in their Brown Caddies and Bins. This claim may be somewhat misleading as the  Department of Environment, Community and Local Government says otherwise….


All very SPOOKY indeed….Hah Hah Hah

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