Finding a home for both recyclables and residual waste is becoming an issue worldwide.  And restrictions are now being placed on the quantities and quality of waste which countries like China, are willing to accept. This is beginning to impact on the historical waste chain, with producers, retailers, consumers and waste service providers having to review their processes and the “way they do business” .

Unfortunately as always it is the consumer who is impacted most by these restrictions. Producers continue to over package goods with non recyclable packaging. Retailers seek to offload this excess packaging on consumers by refusing to accept or provide strore areas for unwanted packaging.  Meanwhile waste service providers charge consumers for taking this unecessary waste and penalise consumers if they believe that their waste is mixed or conatminated. So fellow consumers, be careful out there.

Refuse to take excess packaging from your retailer and be sure to segergate you waste correctly. The waste supply chain can be long, complicated and international. Most supply chain players are there to make money except you the consumer.

So take a leaf from Brusti Bear’s book.  Minimise your waste, refuse to accept unecessary packaging and recycle, but be sure when you recycle, that YOU DO IT RIGHT  saving yourself hassle, time and cost by using Brustibin.