How BrustiBin Works

Drier waste, means cleaner waste, means lighter waste which in turn means lower waste charges if you are billed on a “Pay by Weight” basis.

BrustiBin’s innovative design ensures this with its unique aeration system which utilises the convection currents normally found in domestic dwellings, where warm air rises being replaced with cooler air. The specially designed holes in BrustiBin’s base allow these currents to enter the bin and leave through its lid, ensuring that air is constantly circulating within the bin keeping waste dry and odour free.

BrustiBin’s base is designed not only to allow air flow reach the waste but also to retain any drips that may inadvertently be deposited in the bins, some such items as beer cans, tetra packs etc.

For best results airflow to the base should not be impeded, nor should the air exit in the lid, and semi-permeable compostable bags such as Brustibags should be used in the smaller internal bins.