Doing the Right Thing…for Some it Seems Impossible!

Prior to Covid19 and the lock down, contamination of household waste was a problem. And it still is! It seems that some households refuse to properly segregate their waste. The result is that large quantities of recyclable material go to landfill, incineration etc. due to contamination.

One wonders why this is the case. Are materials, containers not labelled properly? Is it that there is no waste segregation information available? Or that households do not have a Brustibin? Brustibear belives that there may be another reason!

Brustibear has observed during the Covid19 shut down that some folk just refuse to do the right thing! He has seen swimmers in areas closed to the public. Groups are seen meeting, not adhering to social distancing rules and guidelines. He has seen groups of runners blocking paths and discomoding pedestrians. He has even seen local authority vehicles parked on path ways, making social distancing impossible for pedestrians.

So when it comes to segregating waste properly is it just the same? Some people do not want to adhere to any guidelines or rules, regardless. Is it that they do not care about our environment, or indeed the health and lives of their fellow citizens? Let’s hope they change, for all our sakes!