BrustiBin Specifications

BrustIBin has an impressive 70L capacity, yet weighs only 3.5kg. It comes
with an introductory roll of 20 BrustiBag liners for the inner bins.

Outer Bin (with lid)


Height:                                65cm / 25.59in

Width (top):                       38cm / 14.96in

Width (bottom):                30cm / 11.81in

Capacity:                            70 litres



Outer Bin (without lid)


Height:                            61cm/26.02i

Width (top):                    37cm/14.57in

Width (bottom):               0cm/11.81in

 Capacity:                          70L



Inner Bin


Height:                              24cm / 9.45in

Width (top):                      18cm / 7.09in

Width (bottom):              15cm / 5.9in

Capacity:                          6 litres



BrustiBin Weight

Weight of Brustibin (Outer Bin, 2 Inner Bins and Lid) 3.5 kg

Brustibin comes as a sealed unit with a complimentary roll of Brustibags

Brustibags have a 10-litre capacity measuring 45cm x 45cm

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