Brusti Bear..the Bear that Cares this Easter!


Various Waste Service Providers have outlined their plans to introduce Household Waste Charges for Recyclables, due to the Chinese reluctance to take any more Recyclables for reprocessing. Their reluctamce is due in part to the quality of the recyclabes they are receiving, some of which are contaminated. There is also the issue of the amount of recyclables being required to be processed, which seems to be ever increasing due primarily to the amount of packaging which comes with everything we purchase from vegetables to fruit to toothpaste.

This is most evident at this time of the year when shelves are packed with Easter Eggs, where in a lot of cases the packaging itself  outweighs the chocolate egg it contains. This packaging is bulky, containing cardboard and plastics which in the majority of cases are recyclable, but there is also inevitably tinfoil surrounding the egg which is not recyclable.

This is why Brusti Bear is approaching things differently by making his own decorated choclate eggs this Easter, and dispensing with the need for excessive amounts of cardboard and plastics. The web is full of such egg recipes including Jamie Oliver’s As all family members can get involved, this is a perfect way for the kids to spend some time over the Easter vacation. It might mess up the kitchen but you will be saving not only the environment and valuable natural resources but also the cost of recycling unwanted packaging.

So take an egg from Brusti Bear’s basket, it is healthier, cheaper, better for the environment, and your family might actually enjoy not only the eggs but also the messing about in the kitchen that goes with it. Sounds good…Brusti Bear thinks so, and he hopes that you do too!!