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It Does Not Pay to Not Care!

County Kerry householder, Michael O’Brien, recently found out the consequences of not disposing of his household waste correctly. Mr. O’Brien was unable to produce to the Kerry County Council litter warden any records of how he disposed of his household waste, and as a result appeared before Judge David Waters at the local District Court. […]

Brustibear..or is it Brustibunny is on the hunt!

Easter time is upon again and Brustibear has gotten into the spirit of things, donning his Easter outfit and getting ready for the Egg Hunt. As you will see his Eggs are “au naturale”, with minimal packaging and wrapping and anything that he does use to decorate his Eggs, he ensures it is recyclable. This […]

BrustiBear, your very own Waste Valentine

  Roses are red and violets are blue Let me introduce BrustiBear, he will be new to you He does enjoy red but keeps thinking green And likes to get everyone into the waste scene He is cuddly and shy, but still keeps an eye So don’t break his heart…recycle and smile And then he […]

Lots of Scary Bags this Halloween!

One does not normally think of bags at this time of year, unless of course it is Trick or Treat bags! But unfortunately some bin suppliers have made an art form of  promoting bins for which only certain bags will work. Meanwhile on the other side there are Waste Service Providers who are telling their […]

Everyone Wins with Brustibin!

                          We are entering a month long exhibition of the “Beautiful Game” and will no doubt be working our schedules using Russia’s time zones to see what country will be victorious on July 15th. During this period of football mania perhaps we might […]

Brusti Bear..the Bear that Cares this Easter!

  Various Waste Service Providers have outlined their plans to introduce Household Waste Charges for Recyclables, due to the Chinese reluctance to take any more Recyclables for reprocessing. Their reluctamce is due in part to the quality of the recyclabes they are receiving, some of which are contaminated. There is also the issue of the […]

Brusti Bear’s Irish call for Segregated Waste

  With St. Patrick’s weekend approaching and the Irish rugby team facing potential Triple Crown and Grand Slam victories, Brusti Bear is making an Irish call on Irish householders to think more about segregating their waste and recyclables at source , that is in the kitchen. Contaminated recyclabes have now become a “no no” world […]