70L Bin
3/4 Waste Types
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Designed & Manufactured
in Ireland

BrustiBin For Waste Segregation & Recycling

Hassle free Waste Segregation & Recycling at your finger tips. An Irish designed and manufactured product, BrustiBin was developed by engineer, barrister and serial entrepreneur, Michael Prendergast.

Tired of multiple bins, bin odours and the lack of a market solution, Michael was motivated to create BrustiBin, a single kitchen bin that provides hassle and fuss free waste management within the home.


Initially launched in dark grey, BrustiBin is now available in five different colours.  It allows you to easily segregate up to four different types of waste whilst storing them all within one 70L waste collection unit. The unit is virtually maintenance free and can be easily integrated into a kitchen unit or used in stand alone mode.

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Why Choose Us?

What Makes Us Different

Not only does our bin make Waste Recycling and Segregation easy, but it also means less food waste in your brown bin, less residual waste, more recyclable waste and fewer bins and caddies.

How Brustibin Works

Drier waste, means cleaner and lighter waste which in turn means lower waste charges, if you are billed on a “Pay by Weight” basis. Save both time and hassle with BrustiBin today!

Brustibin Specifications

BrustiBin has an impressive 70L capacity, yet weighs only 3.5kg. It comes with an introductory roll of 20 BrustiBag liners for the inner bins BrustiBags have a 10-litre capacity measuring  45cm x 45cm.

What Our Customers Say


Just a small note to say that I’m delighted with the Brustibin. Who would think that a bin could have me that happy, but it has transformed my kitchen and made my waste more efficient. I’ve been recommending the Brustibin to as many people as will listen!


We love the Brustibin. The larger bin for recyclable rubbish is a great size and the smaller bins for food/wet waste remain dry with the Brustibin bags without letting out or creating any bad odors. It is very light and clean and easy to keep clean. I am very happy that I chose your product.

Very tidy, very tasty! We absolutely love the Brustibin. It saves us so much time and hassle.

Because the bags are smaller less air takes up rubbish space.
Such a great idea, no mess and no fuss. I would recommend these bins for everyone!!


Hassle Free Waste Segregation & Recycling

A Single Household Kitchen Bin for Recyclables, Food/Brown Waste & Residual/Black Waste!

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